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Friday, 29 June 2018

Pension Revision - Use E-scroll facility to avoid delay discrepancies/errors: CPAO

Pension Revision - Use E-scroll facility to avoid delay discrepancies/errors: CPAO

NEW DELHI- 110066
CPAO/IT & Tech/Revision (7th CPC)/19, Vol-III (B)/2018-19/53
Dated: 25.06.2018
Office Memorandum

Subject : E-scroll to process the revision of pension cases.

Attention is invited to this office OM No. CPAO/IT &Tech/Revision (7th CPC)/19. Vol-III (B)/2017-18/133 dated-11.10.2017 wherein it was intimated that the payment details based on e-scrolls received from banks w.r.t. the pensioners/family pensioners viz Bank Name, Accounts No. and BSR Code is provided in PAOs login on the portal eppoinicirt. Step by step procedure was also attached therewith to facilitate the PAOs to view the payment details of the pensioners/family pensioners.

But, it has been observed that Pay and Accounts Offices are not using the facility of e-scroll available with them while processing the revision of pension cases. As a result large number of discrepancies/errors are being found in the e-revision cases received in CPAO and are being returned to the concerned Pay and Accounts Offices resulting in unnecessary delay in processing of pension cases. Facility of e-scroll assists in correctness of Account Number, BSR Codes, Status of credit of pension and date of credit of pension, etc. (Step by step procedure to view the payment details is attached herewith for ready reference).

In view of the above, all the Pr. CCAs/CCAs/CAs/AGs/Administrators of UTs are requested again to instruct their Pay and Accounts Offices under their jurisdiction to use the facility of e-scroll before processing the cases of e-revision for correctness in order to avoid return of e-revision cases.
This issues with the approval of Chief Controller (Pensions).

Encl: As above

(Praful Dabral)
Sr. Accounts Officer (IT & Tech)
Source : cpao.nic.in

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