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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Promotion of UDCs of Central Secretariat Clerical Services (CSCS) to the Assistants’ Grade of Central Secretariat (CSS) on ad-hoc basis

Promotion of UDCs of Central Secretariat Clerical Services (CSCS) to the Assistants’ Grade of Central Secretariat (CSS) on ad-hoc basis
No. 11/1/2015-CS.II(B)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
CS.II Division
3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan,
Khan Market, New Delhi-110003.
Dated: 8th December, 2015

Subject: Promotion of UDCs of Central Secretariat Clerical Services (CSCS) to the Assistants’ Grade of Central Secretariat (CSS) on ad-hoc basis.

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department’s O.Ms. of even number dated 1ih February, 2015 and 2ih March, 2015 on the subject mentioned above vide which ad-hoc promotion was granted to UDCs of SL-2003 (Extended).

2. This Department, vide O.M. No. 12/5/2015-CS. 11(8) dated 2nd November, 2015 had finalized CSL-2003(Extended) in the UDC grade. Thereafter, it has been observed that finalization of CSL-2003 (extended) has resulted in change in seniority position of many officials. A number of representations have been received in this Department indicating the anomaly as per which many officials who are senior as per the Final CSL-2003(extended) have been working as UDCs, whereas many of their juniorsare working as ad-hoc Assistants. In order to overcome this anomaly, it has been decided with the approval of the competent authority to promote the remaining UDCs of SL-2003(extended) ( who are yet to be promoted till date) as Assistants on ad-hoc basis till further orders. All the concerned Departments/ Ministries are, therefore, requested to promote the remaining UDCs of SL-2003(extended) as Assistants on ad-hoc basis.

3. The officials may be promoted/ appointed as Assistants on ad-hoc basis, after assessing their suitability for promotion by screening the records (APARs) of the officials after ensuring that these officials are clear from the vigilance angle. The ad-hoc promotion/apPointment is subject to the following conditions:-
i) The ad-hoc appointment shall not confer on the appointees any right to continue in the grade indefinitely or inclusion in the Select List or to claim seniority in the Assistant grade of CSS;
ii) Ad-hoc appointments may be terminated at any point of time without giving any reason therefore;
iii) The appointment on ad-hoc basis will take effect from the date of taking over charge to the post of Assistant of CSS.
iv) The ad-hoc appointees would attend and qualify the mandatory training as and when nominated by CS.I (training) section to this Department,(if not already done), failing which they shall have no claim for inclusion in the regular Select List of Assistant.
4. The willingness of the Officials on deputation as to whether they are willing to revert to the Cadre with a view to avail of the promotion will be obtained by the Ministry/ Department from where the Official(s) have proceeded on deputation.

5. Procedure regarding deployment of surplus officials:-

A cadre unit consists of sub-cadre units as well. Choices of the UDCs of the sub-cadre who are to be promoted as Assistant may be obtained and deployed in the cadre unit/sub-cadre units. For example, if 10 UDCs are covered in the list who are to be promoted to Assistant grade and only 6 posts are available in the cadre unit and sub-cadre units put together, the 6 ad-hoc Assistant (senior most) shall be allotted as per their choices and the details of the remaining 4 officials Uunior most) along with their preferences shall be sent to CS.II Division for their onward deployment in those cadre units where there are surplus vacancies. The ope proceedings and the promotion of the officials as ad-hoc Assistants in the manner as indicated above shall be completed as quickly as possible and in no case later than 15-12-2015. The details of the surplus officials who could not be accommodated in the cadre/sub-cadre unit shall be sent to CS.II Division before by 15-12-2015 positively.

6. All the cadre units are requested to take necessary action and the whole process may be completed on top priority basis within 15-12-2015. A copy of the appointment order may be endorsed to this Department. A report indicating the names and details of the UDCs who have been appointed/promoted to the post of Assistant on ad-hoc basis as well as those who have not been found fit, with reasons therefore, may be, furnished to this Department by 15th December, 2015, in the prescribed proforma enclosed.

Encl: Proforma
(RajeSh Sarswat)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India
To: All Ministries/Departments.

Proforma W.r.t. DoPT’s O.M. No. 11/1/2015-CS.II(B) dated 08-12-2015
CSL No.:
Name of the official:
DPC Recommendation (Fit/Unfit):
Date of promotion:
Whether successfully completed level A training :
Remarks/ reasons for non promotion:

Original Circular

Proposal to increase the ceiling of Bonus – Minister replied in Parliament

Proposal to increase the ceiling of Bonus – Minister replied in Parliament

Changes under Bonus Act

Shri Bandaru Dattatreya, the Minister of State (IC) for Ministry Labour and Employment in reply to a question in Lok Sabha today stated that there is a proposal to increase the eligibility limit and calculation ceiling under the Payment of Bonus Act, 1965.

The minimum wage in the country may not be comparable to those of developed countries owing to differences in exchange rates, purchasing power parity of local currencies, etc. Also under the provisions of the Minimum Wages Act, 1948, both Central and State Governments are appropriate Governments to fix, review and revise the minimum wages of the workers employed in the scheduled employment under their respective jurisdictions. As regards minimum wages in States, there is disparity due to variations in socio-economic and agro-climatic conditions, income, prices of essential commodities, paying capacity, productivity and local conditions. However, as per the available information, a statement showing the range of rates of minimum wages in all the States/Union Territories is enlisted here.

Category wise Range of Minimum Rates of Wages in All States as on 01.12.2015.

increase the ceiling of Bonus
 * Data is yet to be received. Figures indicate rates of wages as on 31.12.2013

The minimum wages shown for unskilled category for the state of Assam and West Bengal do not include the rates for Tea plantation. However, the rate of Tea Plantation in Tamil Nadu and Kerala are higher than the minimum for unskilled category.

Source:  7thpaycommissionnews.in

Government calls meeting of central secretariat staff today to resolve issues pay commission report

Government calls meeting of central secretariat staff today to resolve issues pay commission report

New Delhi: The government has called a meeting with the all representatives of central secretariat staff today to resolve the protest of staff against the 7th Pay Commission recommendations.

The 7th Pay Commission proposed to restore field staff pay parity with the central secretariat staff for coming under uniform pay package in its 900-page report, the central secretariat staff now get higher pay than field staff.

Unhappy with the recommendations, the representatives of central secretariat staff will meet with senior central government official in North Block on Monday to identify the issue of immediate concern that the Central secretariat brass will take up with the government.

The meeting scheduled to be chaired by Archana Varma, Joint secretary, Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) would be attended by the representatives of the Associations of Central Secretariat Service (CSS), Central Secretariat Stenographers Service (CSSS) and Central Secretariat Clerical Service (CSCS) as well as Central secretariat Multi Tasking Staff Association representatives.

The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) issued above meeting notice on Friday.

The central secretariat staff feel the 7th Pay Commission has lowered their status compared with the field staff in terms of basic pay.

A CCS official said the 7th Pay Commission proposal deprived the staff of central secretariat and the Assistants of the secretariat will get same pay, equivalent to Assistants of field offices.

The Assistants of central Secretariat service now enjoy grade pay Rs 4600 while the Assistants in field offices get pay grade Rs 4200.

The 7th Pay Commission decided similar ranks and salaries for the field staff and central secretariat staff. Hence the commission downgraded grade pay of the Assistants of central Secretariat service from Rs 4600 to Rs 4200.

The recruitment of Assistants in central secretariat and field offices is carried out through a common examination called the Combined Graduate Level Exam (CGLE) on the basis of All India Merit List and there is no difference in the nature of functions discharged by both staff in central secretariat and field offices.
Every pay commission from Fourth Pay Commission to Sixth Pay Commission had recommended for pay parity of Assistants in field offices with Assistants of central secretariat service but the central government had not accepted it. This is elucidated in the table below:

7th Pay Commission Pay Parity

It may be seen from the above table that the recommendations of successive Pay Commissions with regard to pay of Assistants of central secretariat service, even if initially implemented, the central government has invariably modified at a later point and they have been placed at one higher level.

Accordingly, the 7th Pay Commission strongly recommended that the level of Assistants in central Secretariat be brought at par with Assistants in the field offices who are presently drawing Grade Pay 4200.
So, in the new pay matrix the Assistants of both central Secretariat as well as field offices will come to lie in Level 6 in the pay matrix  and pay fixed accordingly. This level corresponds to pre-revised Grade Pay 4200.
The corresponding posts in the Stenographers cadre will also follow similar pay parity between field and central Secretariat staff.

However, the pay of those Assistants and Stenographers who have, in the past, been given higher Grade pay would be protected.

The Commission also recommends withdrawal of non-functional selection grade to Grade Pay 4200 in respect of Upper Division Clerks in central Secretariat, which is not exist in field offices in current  scenario.
The Seventh Pay Commission recommended to make field staff pay parity with central secretariat staff, which has become a bone of contention between both them.

The staff of central secretariat want to enjoy higher salaries and benefits in future like the existing pay structure. Although their salaries and benefits discreased in the proposed structure, the allocation was downgraded one level.

The government may accept  the pay  in Level 7 in the new pay matrix, corresponds to current Grade Pay 4600 for the Assistants of both central Secretariat as well as field offices  as  the dispute between over pay parity is to be permanent settled. 

Government likely to give better pay package than 7th Pay Commission

Government likely to give better pay package than 7th Pay Commission

New Delhi: This give a great pleasure to central government employees, with the government is likely to modify the pay package of its employees, they can expect a higher package from next year. The coming revised pay will be higher than what the 7th Pay Commission recommended.

The 7th Pay Commission increased 16 per cent pay hike, which is significantly lower than what the Sixth pay commission had recommended which was close to a 40 percent increase in salaries. The extent of increase is actually on the lower side of expectations.

The 7th Pay Commission report for pay package hiking submitted to the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on November 19. However, the central government employees are in for disappointment as the report has been proposed a 16 percent hike in pay package starting January 1, 2016.

We understand from sources of Finance Ministry that the average increase in basic pay for all government employees will be in the region of 20-24%. This is a very rough average because for low paid employees, the payback could increase by more than 26%.

We understand that minimum basic salary is likely to hike at least Rs 20,000 from Rs 18,000 recommended by the 7th pay commission.

We also understand from sources, in good news for about 50 lakh central government employees, the the government is likely to approve doubling of existing rates of allowances and advances, which has been recommended for abolition by 7th Pay Commission like risk allowance, small family allowance, festival advance, motor cycle advance.

It is also added that the central government employees at various levels have been complaining of the abolition of the above allowances and advances.

They also demanded to make up pay gap between employees and higher officers because in its report, the 7th Pay Commission has recommended to increase the pay gap between the minimum and maximum from existing 1:12 to 1: 13.8, while all pay panels from second to sixth made up pay gap from 1:41 to 1:12.

7th Pay Commission Fixation of Pay : Initial Appointment on or after 1.1.2016

Fixation of Pay as per the recommendations of 7th Pay Commission : Initial Appointment on or after 1.1.2016 may be fixed as follows…

7th Pay Commission Fixation of Pay

Source: 7thpaycommissionnews.in

Standard Pay Scales of 7th Pay Commission

Standard Pay Scales of 7th Pay Commission

On the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission, the Scales of Pay (Table 1) existing from 1.1.2006 may be replaced by the Scales of pay (Table 2) with effect from 1.1.2016.

Pay Band Corresponding Pay Bands Grade Pay
PB – 1 5200 – 20200 1800
PB – 1 5200 – 20200 1900
PB – 1 5200 – 20200 2000
PB – 1 5200 – 20200 2400
PB – 1 5200 – 20200 2800
PB – 2 9300 – 34800 4200
PB – 2 9301 – 34800 4200
PB – 2 9302 – 34800 4200
PB – 2 9303 – 34800 4200
PB – 2 9304 – 34800 4600
PB – 2 9305 – 34800 4800
PB – 2 9306 – 34800 5400
PB – 2 9306 – 34800 5400
PB – 3 15600 – 39100 5400
PB – 3 15601 – 39100 5400
PB – 3 15602 – 39100 6600
PB – 3 15603 – 39100 6600
PB – 3 15604 – 39100 6600
PB – 3 15605 – 39100 7600
PB – 3 15606 – 39100 7600
PB – 3 15607 – 39100 7600
PB – 4 37400 – 67000 8700
PB – 4 37401 – 67000 8700
PB – 4 37402 – 67000 8900
PB – 4 37403 – 67000 8900
PB – 4 37404 – 67000 10000
PB – 4 37405 – 67000 10000
HAG 67000
(3% Increment – 79000)
HAG + Scale 75500
(3% Increment – 80000)
(3% Increment – 80000)
Apex Scale 80000
Cab. Sec 90000


Pay Band Grade Pay Entry Pay (EP) Level 1
5200 – 20200 1800 7000 1
1900 7730 2
2000 8460 3
2400 9910 4
2800 11360 5
9300 – 34800 4200 13500 6
4600 17140 7
4800 18150 8
5400 20280 9
15600 – 39100 5400 21000 10
6600 25350 11
7600 29500 12
37400 – 67000 8700 46100 13
8900 49100 13A
10000 53000 14
67000 – 79000
67000 15
75500 – 80000
75500 16
80000 17
90000 18

Source: 7thpaycommissionnews.in

Justification for higher Grade Pay to Pharmacist and Anomaly in Radiographer – BPMS

Justification for higher Grade Pay to Pharmacist and Anomaly in Radiographer – BPMS

CENTRAL OFFICE: 2-A, NAVEEN MARKET, KANPUR – 208001, PH & FAX : (0512) 2332222
MOBILE: 0915733686, 09235729390, 09335621629, WEB : www.bpms.org.in
REF: BPMS / OFB / 7th CPC / 251 (8/2/M)
Dated: 05.12.2015
The DGOF & Chairman,
Ordnance Factory Board,
10 A, S K Bose Road,
Kolkata – 700001

Kind Attention: Shri S K Sinha, DDG/IR

Subject: Annexure of Views / Comments of BPMS on the recommendations of 7th CPC.
Reference: This federation’s letter of even no. dated 01.12.2015

Respected Sir,
With due regards, your attention is invited to the letter cited under reference which has been sent in response to OFB letter No. 11/7th CPC/2015, Dated 27.11.2015 wherein it is mentioned that detailed justification for upgradation of Grade Pay of ‘Pharmacist’ from Rs. 2800 to Rs. 4200 for direct entry. Hence, following justification is submitted for kind consideration:-

1. It must be kept in the mind some of the factors while determining the pay scale of a particular cadre are like the source and mode of recruitment/appointment, the qualifications, the nature of work, the value judgment, responsibilities, reliability, experience, confidentiality and functional requirement etc.

2. In OFB organizational as well as other Ministries/Departments, Pharmacists are directly recruited through open competition.

3. The educational qualification of Pharmacists in OFB is Class XII in Science + two years Diploma in Pharmacy + three months training + Certificate of Registration with Pharmacy Council.

4. The educational qualification of Pharmacist is not inferior to Chargeman (Tech) or Junior Engineer whose education qualification is Class X with Science + three years Diploma in Engineering Branches. Chargeman (Tech) / Junior Engineers are recruited in the Grade Pay of Rs. 4200/-.

5. Duties of Registered Pharmacists to their Patients : Patient Counseling; Upon receipt of a prescription (prescription drug order) and following a review of the patient’s record, a Registered Pharmacist shall personally initiate discussion of matters that will enhance or optimize drug therapy with each patient or care given of such patient. Such discussion shall be in person, whenever practicable or by telephone and shall include appropriate elements of patient counseling. Such elements may include the (1) Name and description of the drugs, (2) The dosage form, dose, route of administration, and duration of drug therapy, (3) Intended use of the drug and expected action, (4) Special directions and precautions for the drug, (5) Common severe side effects or adverse effects or interactions and therapeutic contra indications that may be encountered, including their avoidance, and the action required if they occur, (6) Techniques for self monitoring drug therapy, (7) Proper storage of drugs, (8) Prescription refill information, (9) Action to be taken in the event of a missed dose, (10) To ensure rational use of drugs. The Pharmacist shall maintain the records pertaining to drugs administered to the patients (drug card) that may be utilized for the evaluation of the drug therapy. The Pharmacist is authorized (as a Health care professional) to undertake process and outcome research, health promotion and education and provide health information and also to undertake the Pharmacoepidemiological studies.

A registered pharmacist shall undertake a pharmaceutical assessment of every prescription presented for dispensing. Assessment of the prescription should include but not be limited to assessment of whether; (i) The prescription is legally valid, (ii) The prescription includes an appropriate dosage form and appropriate route of administration, (iii) Prescription is appropriate to the patient’s condition, (iv) Duration of treatment is correct, (v) Prescription is appropriate according to patient’s Para-meters (age, weight etc.) and previous medication, (vi) Prescription is compatible with other medications, (vii) Prescription is consistent with formulary and guidelines, if nay Confidence/Secrecy; Confidences concerning individual or domestic life entrusted by patients to a registered Pharmacist and defects in the disposition or character of patients observed during medical attendance shall never be revealed unless their revelation is required by the laws of State. Prognosis: The registered pharmacist shall neither exaggerate nor minimize the gravity of a patient’s condition. He shall ensure himself that the patient, his relatives or his responsible friends have such knowledge of the patient’s condition as will serve the best interest of the patient and the family. Obligations to Sick; Though a registered Pharmacist is not bound to attend each and every person asking his service, he shall not only be ever ready to respond to the calls of the sick and the injured, but shall be mindful of the high character of his mission and the responsibility he discharges in the course of his professional duties.

Public and Community Health; Pharmacist, especially those engaged in public health work, shall enlighten the public concerning quarantine regulations and measures for the prevention of epidemic and communicable diseases. At all times the registered Pharmacist shall notify the constituted public health authorities of every case of communicable disease under his care, in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations of the health authorities. When an epidemic occurs a registered s registered Pharmacist shall not abandon his duty for fear of contracting the disease himself.

6. Other Responsibilities: Pharmacist is the person, responsible for procurement of medicines as per requirement of hospital / patient from different sources of sully. He, apart from huge stick of medicines, holds charge of all medical equipments distributed in different departments of hospitals. He is responsible for proper servicing and repair of delicate and very costly equipments.

It is worth to be noted that 80% – 90% patients who are visiting Out Patient Department of the hospital do come into the contact of the Pharmacist to obtain the various services mentioned herein above.

From above, it is crystal clear that Pharmacists deserve for grant of higher entry grade pay of Rs. 4200/- instead of Rs. 2800/-. Hence, now the time has come to consider the above averments in correct perspective to upgrade the entry pay of Pharmacist by the Department / Ministry / Government of India because the scope of interference through judicial review is extremely limited because the Court does not normally substitute its own views for those of expert bodies like the Pay Commission unless glaring infirmities are established. Radiographers: I would like to invite your attention to the Para 7.7.49 of the recommendations of 07th CPC wherein it is mentioned that Radiographers of Defence Establishments, the entry level qualification is class XII with Science + three years Diploma in Radiography in the Grade Pay of Rs. 2800/-.

Contrary to above, Radiographers working in Ordnance Factory Organization are continuing drawing pay in the pay scale of Rs. (5000 – 8000) (Pre-revised) or Grade Pay of Rs. 4200/- as per MOD ID No. PC-II-7(3)/2001/1/D(FY-I), dated 26.10.2010 and the revision of Recruitment Rules (SRO 88, Dated 03.08.2005) to incorporate the same is under process. Hence, entry pay of Radiographers in OFB will be revised to the corresponding replacement Grade Pay of Rs. 4200/- subsequent to the implementation of 7th CPC.

Thanking you.
Sincerely yours
General Secretary
Source: BPMS

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