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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

GDS News: Demanding Immediate Implementation of The Kamalesh Chandra Committee Report

GDS News: Demanding Immediate Implementation of The Kamalesh Chandra Committee Report


Respected Sir,

1. As per the decision of the Central Government one man committee was appointed to submit the report for the wage revision of GDS employees headed by Sri.Kamalesh Chandra Ex.Member (Personal) of this Department in leiu of seventh CPC to Central Government Employees and submitted its report to the Government on 24th November ,2016.Most of our suggestions have been given due consideration by the committee . The Secretary Post submitted this report to the Minister of communication and now the same is kept in the Ministry of Finance for approval.

2. In our department other departmental employees were getting their wage revision by the recommendations of 7th Central Pay Commission with effect from 01.01.2016 onwards.

3 Since there is an inordinate delay in considering and implementation of the Kamalesh Chandra Committee's report, our AIGDS Union has announced indefinite strike from 16.08.2017 to 22.08.2017 and a mutual agreements were reached between our leaders and the Government after completion of 7 days strike. Due 10 the promise by our high dignitaries of the department at the time of discussion the indefinite strike was called off and gentleman agreement was reached between Government and the leaders and assured that the committee’s report would be implemented soon. But it is learnt that it is kept pending with the Ministry of Finance for a long period.

Provisions in respect of the Contract Workers on Indian Railway

Provisions in respect of the Contract Workers on Indian Railway

No. E(LL)/2015/PNM/AIRF/1 New Delhi,
Dated 17.11.2017
The General Manager (P),
All Indian Railways & PUs.

Sub: Provisions in respect of the Contract Workers on IR.
Ref: Board's letter of even number dated 20.10.2015

Payment of minimum wages to workers employed on Railways under the various provisions of the Contract Labour (R&A) Act, 1970 has become a pivotal issue in the present economic scenario. A meeting in this regard was held by Chief Labour Commissioner (Centre) on 15.11.2017 wherein the following issues, inter alia, were discussed:
(i) Whether new rates of minimum wages w.e.f. 01.04.2017 are being paid to the contract workers;
(ii) Mode of payment to contract workers through bank/cheque/cash;
(iii) Whether provident fund is deducted from the payment made to the contract workers and the same is credited to that PF account;
(iv) Whether medical facilities from ESI are made available to contract workers;
(v) Issue of slips towards payment made to contract worker to bring out transparency in the system.
2. Since the factual report is to be submitted to Ministry of Labour & Employment within 15 days, the Railways are requested to provide the information at the earliest at Fax No. 011 - 23070939.

(M.S. Manju)
Joint Director/E(LL)
Railway Board
Source: Indian Railways

Registering of Email IDs of CGHS beneficiaries

Registering of Email IDs of CGHS beneficiaries

F.N. 44-42/2016/MCTC/CGHS/2451- 83
Monitoring Computerization and Training Cell
Directorate of CGHS
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
CGHS Building Kalibari , New Delhi 110001
Dated: 17/11/2017

Subject: Registering of Email IDs of CGHS beneficiaries

With the objective of further strengthening the services to CGHS beneficiaries it has been decided to provide following e-services to the beneficiaries through ernails
  • Prescription by Medical Officer at the VVC
  • Intimation of medicines issued by Pharmacy
  • Intimation of medicines indented
  • Intimation of issue of indented medicines
  • OTP to book online appointment
  • Confirmation/ cancellation of online appointment
  • Permission letter for procedures/ investigations etc.
In order to enable above services. it is required that email ids of all CGHS beneficiaries are registered with CGHS.

A beneficiary can visit CMO In change of parent Wellness Centre to get his/her email id registered with CGHS or can himself/herself register It by logging on to CGHS portal cahs.nic.in through following steps
  • Visit CGHS Portal cghs.nic.in
  • Click beneficiary login
  • Enter your Ben Id, password and sign in
  • Click Update Email
  • Enter OTP sent on your registered Mobile
  • Enter your email ID
  • Update your email ID
  • Similarly email ID for other family members can be updated
Vide publicity to this notice may be given through verbal communication and display at the notice boards of Wellness Centers.

Authority: http://cghs.gov.in

Aadhaar Data is Never Breached or Leaked: UIDAI

Aadhaar Data is Never Breached or Leaked: UIDAI

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) responding to a news report, appeared in certain section of media on "210 Government sites made Aadhaar info public" as if Aadhaar data is leaked or breached, has said that such report is a skewed presentation of the facts and poses as if the Aadhaar data is breached or leaked which is not the true presentation. UIDAI said in a statement here that the Aadhaar data is fully safe and secure and there has been no data leak or breach at UIDAI.

UIDAI said that this said data on these websites was placed in public domain as a measure of proactive disclosure under RTI Act by these government and institutional websites which included beneficiaries’ name, address, bank account, and other details including Aadhaar number and was collected from the third party/users for various welfare schemes. It was this collected info which had been displayed in the public domain under RTI Act. There was no breach or leakage of Aadhaar data from UIDAI database or server as has been aired by the said report.

UIDAI said that acting promptly on this, UIDAI and Ministry of Electronics & IT had directed the concerned Government departments/ministries to immediately remove it from their websites and ensure that such violation do not occur in future. Certain other measures were also taken at various levels to ensure that such incidents of display of Aadhaar numbers do not take place. Following UIDAI’s action such data were removed from these websites immediately. However, the news presented the facts in a skewed manner and misleads readers as if Aadhaar data has been leaked or breached at 210 websites posing Aadhaar security is vulnerable.

UIDAI reiterated that Aadhaar security systems are best of the international standards and Aadhaar data is fully secure. There has been no breach or leakage of Aadhaar data at UIDAI. Also, the Aadhaar numbers which were made public on the said websites do not pose any real threat to the people as biometric information is never shared and is fully secure with highest encryption at UIDAI and mere display of demographic information cannot be misused without biometrics.

UIDAI clarified that Aadhaar number is not a secret number. It is to be shared with authorized agencies when an Aadhaar holder wishes to avail a certain service or benefit of government welfare scheme/s or other services. But that does not mean that the proper use of Aadhaar number poses a security or financial threat. Also, mere availability of Aadhaar number will not be a security threat or will not lead to financial/other fraud, as for a successful authentication fingerprint or iris of individual is also required. Further all authentications happen in presence of personnel of respective service provider which further add to the security of the system.

Furthermore, UIDAI security system has people's participatory security system like Biometric Lock facility available at UIDAI portal which any Aadhaar holder can use to put his/her own lock on one’s biometric by visiting UIDAI's official website www.uidai.gov.in.


Denial of pay fixation benefit in the case of Sr. P. Way Supervisors (GP 4200 PB-2) merged with JE/P.Way (GP 4200+PB-2)

Denial of pay fixation benefit in the case of Sr. P. Way Supervisors (GP 4200 PB-2) merged with JE/P.Way (GP 4200+PB-2)


No. I/2/Part IV
Dated: 16/10/2017
The Secretary (E),
Railway Board,
New Delhi
Dear Sir,

Sub: Denial of pay fixation benefit in the case of Sr. P. Way Supervisors (GP 4200 PB-2) merged with JE/P.Way (GP 4200+PB-2)

Ref: (i) NFIR's PNM agenda item No. 53/2016.
(ii) RailwayBoard's letter No. PC-III/20l6/FE-II/3 dated 08/09/2016.
(iii) NFIR's letter No. VZlPart trI dated 12/09/2016 & No. 1/2/Part IV dated
(iv) Railway Board's letter No. PC-III/20l6/FE-II/3 dated 05/07/2017.
(v) NFIR's letter No. I/2Part IV dated 10/07/2017.
(vi) Railway Board's letter No. PC-III/20l6/FE-II/3 dated 26/07/2017.

The reply sent by the Railway Board vide letter dated 2610712017 is not acceptable to the Federation as the Railway Board has ignored the fact that the Sr. P. Way Supervisors have been made to shoulder higher responsibilities of Jr. Engineer (P. Way) and in such sifuations, pay fixation under erstwhile Rule FR 22 (C) is needed to be extended to the staff. Federation further desires to state that Enbloc merger and upgradation granted by the Railway Board, should not undermine the right of the employee to claim benefit of pay fixation when he is shifted to the higher post with higher responsibilities.

NFIR wanted the Railway Board to cite the rule under which pay fixation is not admissible in these cases, but sadly the Board have not cited any rule position. Relying on Rule 1313 and denying the benefit of pay fixation is highly improper.

This being a PNM subject, the Federation will discuss the issue in the ensuing PNM meeting at the level of MS & FC.
Yours faithfully,
(Dr. M. Raghavaiah)
General Secretary
Source: NFIR

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