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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Order for Merger of 50% DA, Retirement age news goes viral in Social Media

Order for Merger of 50% DA, Retirement age news goes viral in Social Media

Recently rumour mill went overdrive in social media with the following news that
1. Central government decided to Merge 50% DA with basic pay with effect from 1.1.2015 and order will be issued within 15 days
2. Encashment of Earned Leave to be curtailed to 180days instead of existing 300 days.
3. It went on to say that age of Retirement will be on completion of 33 Years of service or at the age of 58 Years whichever is earlier
According to the Social Media , the above strong decisions were taken in last three meeting of cabinet committee to recommend 7th pay commission. Further the post published in social media warned the central government employees that if above decisions are implemented; they should not expect more from 7th Pay Commission. Since it is considered to be the indication of what the think tank of central government will do for its employees.

We enquired about this rumour with one of the Member to the National council JCM, who recently met the 7th Pay Commission. According to him, the central government has firm on its decision not to accept the Merger of DA with Pay, since the due date of the 7th Pay Commission to submit its recommendation is nearing and the central government in many occasions cleared that the recommendation of 7th pay commission will be implemented from 1.1.2016. So there is no question of issuing order for merger of 50% DA with effect from 1.1.2015.

Further he clarified that the present government wanted to use the man-hours of central government employees productively by introducing new systems like bio metric attendance etc. Hence curtailing EL Encashment will lead the central government employees to take more leave if it is not allowed for encashment. So there is no need to implement such proposal as government point of view is against taking leave by Govt officials.

There is mixed response from the sources whether the retirement age of central government employees will be revised or not. It is believed that the present government is in favour of reducing retirement age to 58. But at the same time government doesn’t want loose resources of knowledge gained through experience by reducing retirement age of Government employees. Since the work culture of government service is deteriorating day by day due to various factors , govt would like to retain the experience of the senior Government officials . Anubhav is the one of the initiative introduced by the central government to improve the work culture of youngsters in government service. So there will not be any change in retirement age of central government employees at present.



No. 08/07/2014-SR
Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
(SR Division)
Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi, dated 5th May, 2015

Subject:-  Minutes of the meeting held with PJCA representatives on 30/04/2015 in Dak Bhavan, New Delhi

Dear Sir,
Kindly find enclosed the minutes of the above meeting for information and necessary action at your end.
With regards,
Yours sincerely,
(Arun Malik)
Director (SR & Legal)
Shri R.N. Parashar
Secretary General
Shri D. Theagarajan
Secretary General

Minutes of the meeting held with the representatives of Postal Joint Council of Action            (PJCA) on 30/04/2015.

The meeting was held with the representatives of PJCA on 30/04/2015 at 1100 hrs. in G.P. Roy Committee Room, Dak Bhavan under the Chairpersonship of Secretary (Posts).  A list of participants is annexed.

At the outset Secretary (Posts) welcomed the participants and mentioned that we are meeting in connection with the strike call given by the PJCA.  She appealed to the PJCA not to go on strike as this will help only our competitors.

Secretary General, NFPE also welcomed the participants and thanked Secretary (Posts) for convening this meeting.  He requested that their grievances are settled so that they do not have to go on strike.

With the permission of the Chair the agenda items were taken up for discussion.  After detailed deliberations on each point, following decisions were taken:-

Sl. No. Charter of Demands Decision taken
1. Discussions on the recommendations of the Task Force. Secretary (Posts) assured the staff side that there is no contemplation of corporatization or privatization at this juncture.   Further, before any structural changes are contemplated in the organization, the staff side will be consulted.
2. Inclusion of Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS) in the terms of reference of 7th Central Pay Commission.  Grant of civil servant status to GDS and grant of all benefits of departmental employees on pro-rata basis without any discrimination. It was decided that the proposal will be strongly recommended and referred to D/o Expenditure for reconsideration. DDG (Estt)
3. Revision of wages of Casual, Part time, Contingent employees w.e.f 01.01.2006 consequent on revision of wages of regular employees by 6th Pay Commission and regularization of services. The services of Casual Labourers get regularized as per the Recruitment Rules (RRs) of Multi-Tasking Staff (MTS).  The eligibility cut-off date i.e. 01/09/1993 cannot be removed from the RRs as Causal Labourers engaged upto this date are only to be regularized and there was total ban on engagement of Casual Labourer after 01/09/1993.  Further, Department has also issued Policy on regularization of Casual Labourer in pursuance of Supreme Court judgement in Uma Devi case of 2006 and if any Casual Labourer is covered by this policy, he will be regularized. Item closed
4. Grant of merger of 100% DA with pay w.e.f 01.01.2014 for all purposes, including GDS. The item does not relate to Department of Posts alone and a decision on the same has to be taken by D/o Expenditure , Ministry of Finance for all Central Government employees. DDG(Estt)
5. Grant of 25% pay as Interim Relief (IR) w.e.f 01.01.2014 to all employees including GDS. The item does not relate to Department of Posts alone and a decision on the same has to be taken by D/o Expenditure, Ministry of Finance for all Central Government employees. DDG(Estt)
6. Scrap the New Pension Scheme (NPS) and include all employees recruited on or after 01.01.2004 under the old statutory pension scheme. The item does not relate to Department of Posts alone and a decision on the same has to be taken by D/o Expenditure, Ministry of Finance for all Central Government employees. DDG(Estt)
7. Remove 5% condition for compassionate appointment and grant appointment in all deserving cases as in the case of railways. Remove the minimum 50 points condition for GDS compassionate appointment. Regular Employees:- It is emphasized that this Department follows the rules/instructions issued by the Nodal Department i.e., DOP&T.  Condition of  5% of direct recruitment quota for Compassionate Appointment has been fixed by the DOP&T.  Department is not  concerned with the rules / instructions of Railways or any other Department.
Gramin Dak Sevaks:-
The Department has constituted a Committee for revisiting the 50 Point Criteria for compassionate appointment of GDS.  Report of the Committee is awaited.  Staff side has suggested that the point system be discontinued, and this can be referred to the Committee.
8. Fill up all vacant posts in all cadres including MMS & GDS. (a) By direct recruitment.
(b) By holding DPC and granting promotions.
(c) By conducting departmental promotional examination.
(d) Replace all condemned vehicles in MMS.
Recruitment Rules of Manager / Sr. Manager have been notified recently and further action is being taken to fill up all such DR / promotion quota vacancy. Recruitment Rules of Dy. Manager and Asstt. Manager in MMS will be submitted to DOP&T next week for their approval.
RRs of Diver Spl. Grade have been approved by the DOP&T and now, these are being sent to UPSC for their approval.  As regards RRs of Driver Gr. I, II & III, file is being resubmitted to M/o Law after doing the needful as required by them.
RRs of Artisan are being prepared
On notification of these RRs, further action will be taken to fill up the vacancies in these cadres.
9. Implement cadre restructuring in postal, RMS, MMS and Postal Accounts as per the proposal signed with the JCM (DC) staff side. The proposal for cadre restructuring of Gr. ‘C’ employees, will be sent to DOP&T next week.  The proposal for MMS and DAP will be sent to DOP&T within a period of two months. DDG (Estt) / DDG(PAF)
10. Settle issues relating to Postmaster Cadre officials. (a) Allow to write IP and PS Group ‘B’ examinations.
(b) Relaxation in service conditions for promotion from one grade to another, at par with general line promotions to identical posts.
(c) Filling up of all PS Group ‘B’, PM Grade III and Grade II posts by eligible officials and till that time adhoc- promotion may be granted.
(d) Other related issues such as filling up of 100% senior Postmaster/Chief Postmaster posts earmarked for PM cadre by PM cadre officials alone and maintenance of circle gradation list etc.
(a)This will be examined. (b)  The proposal for relaxing the RRs of Postmaster Grade II & III was sent to DOP&T, which has returned the proposal seeking certain information / clarification.  Accordingly, information called for from Circles and examined.  After analysis, it is observed that Circles have not done DPCs for HSG-II & HSG-I, which may be taken adversely by the DOP&T for instant relaxation proposal.  Therefore, Circles have been asked to conduct HSG-II & HSG-I DPCs on priority so that proposal could be resubmitted to DOP&T with better facts.
(c)    As above.  As regards PS Group B, DPC for 2014-15 was conducted recently and order issued.  Letter has already been issued to Circles for PS Group B DPC for 2015 -16 for keeping the required documents ready.  Ad hoc appointment can only be made from eligible officers, whose regular promotion has been delayed.  For relaxing any condition of RRs, even for ad hoc promotion, DOP&T approval is required.  A proposal is already moving for relaxation as indicated above.
(d)Due to an OA filed before Hon’ble CAT, Chandigarh Bench, the matter has become sub-judice and as such action to fill up posts in Sr. Postmaster cadre cannot be taken till the OA is disposed off.
11. Reimburse full mileage allowance to system Administrators and fix duty hours and responsibilities of SAs. Create separate cadre for system administrators. Instructions regarding provision of Conveyance Allowance issued by PAP Division letter No.1-02/2011-PAP dated 17/01/2012 already exist.  The rates for Conveyance Allowance (within 16 kms) are already provided under the FRSR.  Regarding reimbursement of full mileage, the Circle Heads are empowered to sanction reimbursement of Travel Allowance as per rules. The issue of creation of separate cadre for System Administrators has been examined and not found feasible.
Item closed.
12. Grant of cash handling allowance to Treasures in Post Offices at par with cashiers in RMS & Administrative offices. The matter was taken up with DOE, Ministry of Finance earlier also.  It was not agreed to by DOE.  On the request of Union, the matter is being reexamined.  Comments from the Circles have been called for. DDG(Estt)
13. Counting of Special Allowance granted to PO & RMS Accountants for pay fixation on promotions as the promotional post involves higher responsibilities. Post Offices and RMS Accountants are not granted any special pay which can be included for their pay fixation / promotion.  They are only granted a special allowance which cannot be included as pay for their promotion. DDG(Estt)
14. Settle all issues related to IT Modernization Project- computerization, Core Banking Solution, Core Insurance Solution etc. (a)   Replace out dated computers and peripherals with new ones.
(b) Increase network capabilities and Bandwidth.
(c)  Set right the users credentials problems in leave arrangements etc.
(d) Stop hasty “Go Live” of CBS, CIS till cleansing of data pucca.
(e) Provide all assistance and stop harassment in the implementation of CBS & CIS.
(f) Grant enhanced financial powers to Head Postmasters.
(a) The proposal for an outlay of Rs.493.88crores for supply of computer hardware and peripherals has been sent to D/o Expenditure, M/o Finance for principle approval. (b) Bandwidth of 1032 locations has been increased.  Circlewise details of the locations where bandwidth has been increased is given under:-
No. of locations where Bandwidth increased
Andhra Pradesh 120
Assam 25
Bihar 34
Chhatisgarh 15
Delhi 16
Gujarat 49
Haryana 20
H P 22
J&K 11
Jharkhand 16
Karnataka 92
Kerala 61
M.P. 63
Maharashtra 73
North East 15
Orissa 37
Punjab 29
Rajasthan 53
Tamil Nadu 108
U.P. 94
Uttarakhand 18
West Bengal 61
Total 1032
DDG (Tech)
(c)Necessary process for creation of users is already in place and is attended by CEPT team.  However, this will be reviewed.
(d) The CBS rollout is planned in a phased manner and post office are migrated to CBS platform only after completion of all pre-migration activities including Data Cleansing.
(e) The implementation of CBS is being carried out in planned manner at Directorate level as per Project Governance Structure.  Some of the issues like EOD, CPC workflow etc., have been reviewed and suitable modifications in the processes have been made to ease the functioning.  There is no harassment in implementation of CBS.
The staff side had informed that there is some difficulty in single handed offices.  It was decided that this will be discussed separately by the staff side with DDG (FS).
(f)     The proposal for giving financial powers to Postmaster of all categories is under examination and comments from all Circles have been called for.
15. Prompt and regular holding of JCM, Departmental Council Meeting, Periodical meeting with Secretary Department of Posts, Sports Board meeting and Welfare Board meeting. Ensure representation of  recognized Federations in Sports Board and Welfare Board by calling for nominations. Action has been taken regarding holding JCM / Periodical meetings regularly. Postal Sports Board meeting was held on 11/02/2015.  Postal Staff Services Welfare Board meeting is going to be held shortly.
Members of Federations are nominated members in the Postal Services Staff Welfare Board.  As regards the Postal Sports Board, the present constitution does not include any Federation / Unions as members.  However, nominees of federations may be co-opted by Chairman, Postal Service Board.
DDG (Trg).
16. Ensure full protection of existing allowance (TRCA) of GDS employees and introduce Medical Reimbursement scheme to GDS.  Existing monthly emoluments (TRCA) drawn by GDS should not be reduced under any circumstances.  Revision of cash handling norms. Provisions already exist for protection of TRCA as personal pay in respect of all categories of GDS to the extent of maximum of the lower TRCA slab (in case workload is found reduced to a lower slab in the Establishment Review as compared to the previous Establishment Review). The suggestion of the staff side was to protect the TRCA on permanent basis. DDG(Estt)
17. (a) All Circle offices/ Regional offices/DPLI office, Kolkata must be allowed to function as Circle Processing Centres (CPCs) while implementing Core Insurance Solutions (CIS) through McCamish for steady growth of PLI/RPLI Business. (b) Stop diversion of 615 posts (576 posts of Pas from C.O.s and 39 posts of Pas from APS PLI CELL) ordered vide Department of Posts, Establishment Division No. 43-47/2013-PE-II dated the 9th June, 2014.
(c) Stop harassment and victimization of staff of Circle Administrative offices in the name of decentralization of PLI/RPLI.
The proposal will be examined after the roll out of the project is completed. No such order has been issued.  The nitty-gritty of issue of manning CPCs is still under examination.
Specific concerns will be examined.
18. Allot sufficient funds to circles for carrying out constructions, repairs and maintenance of Departmental buildings/Postal Staff Quarters and RMS Rest Houses. Sufficient funds are allotted to the Circles for carrying out constructions/ repairs.  The instructions will be issued to all CPMsG to utilize the allotted funds as far as possible. DDG (Estates & MM)
19. Make substitute arrangement in all vacant Postmen and MTS Posts. Wherever GDS are not available, outsiders should be allowed to work as substitutes. The Establishment Division has issued instruction to the Circles to fill up all vacancies of GDS BPM & justified posts of all other approved categories.  Guidelines regulating substitute arrangements to be made in place of regular GDS already stand issued vide letter No.17-115/2001-GDS dated 21/10/2002, in case it is not possible to manage the work with combination of duties. Substitute arrangements against vacant Postman and MTS posts are made at the local level as and when required.
Powers have been delegated to Heads of Circles for outsourcing of work.
20. Modify the orders dated 22/5/1979 regarding existing time factor given for delivery of articles taking into account the actual time required for door to door delivery. The proposal has been referred to the Work Study Division for further necessary action. Staff side was suggested to meet DDG(WS) in this regard. DDG (WS) /
Staff side.
21. Open more L1 offices as recommended by CPMsG. Eg.- Guntakal RMS in A.P. Circle.  The proposal for upgradation of Guntakul RMS as L-1 Mail Office was not found justified. Item closed.
22. Powers for writing APARs of SBCO staff may be delegated to AO (SBCO) instead of Divisional heads and stop imposing the work of SB Branch on SBCO.   After roll out of CBS, the role and responsibility of SBCO is to be re-designed and fixed.  The issue will be examined in detail thereafter. DDG(FS)
23. Prompt supply of good quality uniform and kit items and change of old specification. Instructions are regularly issued to Heads of Circles for prompt supply of good quality uniforms.  The Directorate has also called for suggestions from all Circles for improvement in the specifications of different items of uniform for further taking up with BIS in the matter.  Staff side was also requested to send their suggestions with regard to improvement of specifications. DDG (Estates & MM)/
Staff side.
24. Stop vindictive actions of GM (Finance) Postal Accounts Chennai. More than hundred Postal Accounts employees are charge sheeted. GM (Finance) even refused to heed the instructions of DDG (PAF).  The Member (Finance), Telecom Commission has been apprised of the whole situation and CPMG, Tamil Nadu Circle has also been requested to resolve the matter.  The staff side informed that no action has been taken at the ground level. The case is subjudice and in respect of the officials charge sheeted, 72 Senior/ Junior Accountants have already filed a case in the Hon’ble CAT Madras Bench.  Madras Bench OA No.310/01062/2014.  As per the current position, the case is listed for 03/06/2015.
25. Review of marks of JAO (P) Part-II examination held in December 2012 in r/o SC/ST candidates. As the exam was conducted on the basis of old recruitment Rules i.e. JAO and the said posts are Group ‘B’ (Non- Gazetted) review may be held. Opinion of the Law Ministry will be obtained. DDG (PAF)
26. Revise Postmen / Mail Guard / MTS Recruitment Rules.  Stop open market recruitment.  Restore seniority quota promotion:- This item was earlier discussed in the JCM (DC) and it is assured by Secretary (Posts) that the Recruitment Rules will be reviewed after one or two Recruitment / Promotional exam are over, as DOP&T may not approve immediate revision of Recruitment Rules already approved by it.  Now more than two Postmen/MG/ MTS recruitment / examination is over and hence it is requested to take action to revise the Recruitment Rules and stop open quota recruitment.  Entire vacancies may be earmarked for GDS and Casual Labourers as existed in the pre-revised Recruitment Rules. As decided in earlier JCM, the said RRs are to be relooked after seeing the outcome of one or two exams. The process is still going on. Most of the Circles have completed one round of recruitment process for direct recruitment quota, and others on their way to completing the same. Subsequently, pre-appointment formalities, trainings etc. would require to be completed in case of newly recruited officials. Therefore, Circles need time to judge the capabilities and skills of these officials and furnish proper and accurate feedback thereto to this Directorate for further consideration in the matter. Hence, time is not ripe to revisit the said RRs. As regards RRs of Postman, open market quota of 25% has already been given to GDS.  Now, as per the existing RRs, only the unfilled vacancies, which could not be filled by the MTS/GDS, go to open market for filling up.

Source: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bzr_fYaknLLzNVNUTm1oc2Fxb0U/view?pli=1




Source: http://nfpedgl.blogspot.in/


All India Civil Accounts Employees Association
Phone No. 23345070, Mob. No. 9868520926, e-mail:- v.aicaea@gmail.com
Central Office: –                                                                                    Address for Communication:-
16-A, Akbar Road Hutments,
17/2 – C, P & T Quarters,
New Delhi: – 110011
Kali bari marg
NewDelhi-      110001
No: AICAEA/HQ/A-2/2015/380-410
Dated:  02.05.2015
Shri Jawahar Thakur,
Controller General of Accounts,
Ministry of Finance,
Department of Expenditure,
Loknayak Bhawan,
Khan Market,
New Delhi – 110003

Subject:- Request for convening meeting with the National Executives of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association and All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category – II.

In continuation of NFCAA letter No: – NFCAA/HQ/A-2/2015/366 dated 01.05.2015, we are enclosing herewith the CADERE REVIEW proposal and the list of the items (Charter of Demands) we wish to discuss in the meeting we have requested for.

The date and time of the meeting may kindly be informed to us atleast a fortnight ahead so that our outstation National Executive members could procure Railway Reservations for attending the meeting.
Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,
Enclo: as above
(V. Bhattacharjee)
Secretary General
Copy to the all Federal Executive Members.

1.   Cadre Review

Cadre Review in the Civil Accounts Organization on functional requirements and grant of appropriate Pay & Grade pay to different cadres.

a.     Accounts Assistant (by upgradation of post of LDCs ) – Grade Pay Rs. 2400/- PB 1

b.     Staff Car Driver Gr. II – Grade Pay Rs. 2400/- PB 1

c.       Stenographer Gr. III  –  Grade Pay Rs. 2800/- PB 1

d.     Accountant -20%, DEO Grade A and Junior Hindi Translator (converting as Accountant) –  Grade Pay Rs. 4200/- PB 2

e.     Sr. Accountant – 80%, Data Entry Operator Grade B/ Hindi Translator (Converting as Sr. Accountant) Stenographer Gr. I (Merged post of Gr.II & I) –  Grade Pay Rs. 4600/-PB 2

f.       Sr. Accountant- on completion of 4 years/Computer Operator –  Grade Pay Rs. 4800/-PB 2

g.     Private Secretary – Grade Pay Rs. 4800/-PB 2
After 4 years of service – Grade Pay Rs. 5400/-PB 3

h.  Asstt. Accounts Officer – 30% posts by promotion of Sr. Accountant on seniority with removal of condition of 53 years of age for eligibility and 70% by AAO(c) examination – Grade Pay Rs. 5400/-PB-2

h.     AAO Grade II on completion of 4 years – Grade Pay Rs. 5400/-PB 3

i.       Sr. Private Secretary – Grade Pay Rs. 6600- PB 3
(Post should be re-designated as Principal Private Secretary] Post of PPS may be allocated to Principal Chief Controller of Accounts and
Chief Controller of Accounts (Addl. Secretary/Joint Secretary level officers)
As per para 2(iii) of DOPT Order No.20/51/2009-CS.II (A)(Vol.II)
dated 25th February, 2011 – 625 newly created posts of PPS
have been allocated against Joint Secretaries and equivalent level officers in different Ministries/Departments participating in CSSS on functional jurisdiction

j. Restoration of 5% promotional quota to the post of LDC for Gr-D/MTS and clearing of backlog by promoting all eligible MTS to the grade of Accounts Assistant as a onetime measure.

2.  Formation of independent Department Of Accounts under CGA.

3. Filling up of vacant posts – regularization of contract /outsourced workers as per orders dated 23-01-2013 issued by Ministry of Labour – grant of minimum wage to those who are working against regular posts.

4. Grant of recognition to AICAEA CAT-II, NFCAA and implementation of check-off-system as per Government instructions.

5. Adoption of mutually agreed transfer policy for AAOs and implementation of the policy transparently and filling up of vacant posts by providing promotions to Civil Accounts Employees.

6. Provision of alternative accommodation and amenities to the Central Office of AICAEA.

7.  Imparting training and grant of incentive for implementation of e-payment system.

8. Removal of discrimination in the date of effect of Promotion and grant of date of effect of promotion from 1st January of the year to all cadres.

9. Allotment of one seat in the National Council,(JCM) and 2nd seat in Departmental Council(JCM) to All India Civil Accounts Employees Association.

10. Counting of service for Grant of benefit of II ACP to Sr. Accountant appointed as Accountant-
(a)  from the date passing departmental competitive examination conducted by SSC.
(b) from  the 1st July of the next year of passing open examination conducted by SSC as per orders of DOPT and MHA

11. Grant Pay Scale of Rs. 1350-2200 from 01.01.86 to DEOs as has been granted by the Defence Accounts Department as well as in terms of the CAT judgments.

12. Removal of injustice to newly recruited Accountant in the matter of granting 1st increment through rectification of the procedure of Departmental Confirmatory test and also imparting training to the candidates.

13. Grant of two financial up gradation to MTS under ACP scheme who had completed 24 years of service before implementation of MACP Scheme as has done by the O/o the Pr. of Audit and Director, Economic service Ministries, Delhi vide order No:- AMG.I/Admn-1/32 dated 24.06.2014 .

14. Grant of Headquarter allowance to Sr.PS/PS/Stenos posted in office of CGA.

15. Removal of anomaly in grade pay arisen in PAO, CRPF after amalgamation of the office in Civil Accounts Organization.

16. As per decision of Supreme Court, payment of arrears in cash from 01.01.1996 to 18-02-2003 to Sr. Accountants due to upgradation of pay scale from 1-1-1996 .

17. Decentralization of CPAO and formation of regional offices to make the very purpose of operation of Pension Accounting Offices effective and conveniently accessible to old aged Pensioners.

18. Relaxation for revision of option for fixation of pay in the revised pay structure for persons promoted to the grade of Asstt. Accounts Officer (AAO) after 01.01.2006.

19. As has been done in earlier occasions and granted by Defence Accounts Department, Grant of honorarium for checking of pay fixation cases and pension cases after implementation of 6th CPC recommendations.

20.  No redeployment of retired officers and employees in the Civil Accounts Organization.


Probation and or confirmation of Direct Recruit Postal Assistants / Sorting Assistants in the Department of Posts

Probation and or confirmation of Direct Recruit Postal Assistants / Sorting Assistants in the Department of Posts

No. 37-47/2010-SPB-I
Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
(Personnel Division)
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
NewDelhi-110 001
Dated: 16.04.2015
1. All Heads of Circles,
2. Director, RAK National Postal Academy, Ghaziabad
3. A11 Directors of PTCs

Subject: Probation and / or confirmation of Direct Recruit Postal Assistants / Sorting Assistants in the Department of Posts – reg.

Sir / Madam,
I am directed to refer to the above mentioned subject and to say that the issue of probation and / or confirmation of the Direct Recruit Postal Assistants / Sorting Assistants (PAs/SAs) has been engaging the attention of the Department for some time. It is indicated that presently on their appointment, such PAs/SAs are imparted induction training and they have to pass the prescribed tests during the said training.
2. Currently, such Direct Recruit PAs/SAs undergo institutional training of upto 48 days at the Postal Training Centres (PTCs). They have to obtain at least 60% marks in the tests in order to come out of training successfully. If any PA/ SA fails to obtain 60% marks, he/she is retained in the PTC for re-training for 2 weeks and undergoes two tests (one each week). Despite retraining, if such PA/SA still does not obtain 60% marks, suitable adverse notice is taken against him/her.

3. The matter has been revisited by the Department in consultation with the Department of Personnel”& Training (DOP&T). At the outset, it is emphasized that the tests, which the Direct Recruit PAs/SAs undergo while on training, need to be closely monitored and it should be ensured that only those PAs/SAs who obtain required marks in the tests may be declared to have satisfactorily completed the probation period and confirmed ‘in service, provided such PA/SA has also performed/acted satisfactorily during the probation period. As per the Recruitment Rules of PA/SA issued by the Department of Posts, the Direct Recruit PAS/SAs are confirmed in service by a Departmental Confirmation Committee (DCC) and pending confirmation, they remain on probation and their services are governed by CCS (Temporary Service), Rules, 1965.

4. Besides above, following points may be kept in view by the PTCs and the Circles while considering the confirmation of such Direct Recruit PAs/SAs, who are on probation:

(1) Direct Recruit PAs/SAs (on probation) who fail in the tests held in PTCs:-

(a) If any Direct Recruit PAs/SAs (on probation) is unable to clear the tests in the first attempt, he/she may be given two more chances to pass the tests. These three chances (including first chance during training) may be held/conducted within the two-year mandatory probation period. In the interregnum, such PA/SA may be posted temporarily to a Post Office/RMS office against a non-sensitive post.

(b) Before the third chance is given to a PA/SA, who has failed in two attempts, he/she may be given a written warning to the effect that his/her failure in mandatory tests does not justify his/her confirmation in the Service and that, unless he/she showed substantial improvement within a specified period and clears the test, the issue of terminating him from service will be considered.

(c) If any PA/SA is still unable to clear the Tests in three attempts within two years, the probation period in his/her case will be extended by six months during which time he/she shall have to mandatorily pass the tests. For such PAS/SAs, whose probation period has been extended by six months due to failure to pass the tests, a qualifying test will also be introduced which will be in addition to the existing tests. The modalities of such qualifying test will be prepared/finalized by the Training Division of the Postal Directorate.

(d) In case he/she passes the required tests and qualifying test and has also acted/performed satisfactorily during the entire period of probation including extension also, he/she may be declared to have successfully completed the probation period and may be confirmed in service by the DCC.

(e) If a PA/SA again fails in the tests and/or does not pass the qualifying test, the services of such temporary Direct Recruit PA/SA shall be terminated.

(II) Direct Recruit PAs/SAs (on probation) who pass the test, but their conduct/ performance is unsatisfactory:

(a) In case conduct/performance of a PA/SA is found unsatisfactory during the probation period irrespective of the fact that he/she has passed the required tests, the probation period of such PA/SA will be extended for six months in order for him/her to improve his/her conduct/performance to a satisfactory level.

(b) Such PA/SA as mentioned in (a) above may be given a written warning that unless his/her conduct/performance improves to a satisfactory level, the issue of terminating his/her services will be considered. In case his/her conduct/performance has improved to a satisfactory level during the extended probation period, he/she may be declared to have successfully completed the probation period and may be confirmed in service. If not, the services of such temporary Direct Recruit PA/SA shall be terminated.

5. The PTCs shall send reports relating to conduct/performance and passing/failing in the tests/qualifying test etc. as the case may be, in respect of each Direct Recruit PA/SA (on probation) to the Divisional Head concerned.

6. In order to ensure that termination cases are decided appropriately, the Divisional Head concerned, the Appointing Authority of PA/SA, will first issue a speaking Show Cause Notice covering reasons in detail for termination to the PA/SA concerned within 15 days after completion of extended six months’ period of probation. The said PA/SA will be given 15 days’ time to make representation, if any. Subsequently, the said Divisional Head, after carefully examining all relevant documents as also the representation, if any, of the official concerned, will decide the case of his/her termination within 45 days from the date of issue of Show Cause Notice.

7. Successful completion of training is a pre-requisite for completion of probation. Therefore, above may be included in the provisional offer of appointment issued to the candidates.

8. This may be brought to the notice of all concerned.

Yours faithfully,
(N T Paite)
Director (SPN)
Source: http://www.indiapost.gov.in/DOP/Pdf%5CCirculars%5CProb_Confir_PA_SA_2087_Pub_Upload.pdf

Government order on promotion in jobs to SC-ST employees set aside

Government order on promotion in jobs to SC-ST employees set aside

Patna: The Patna High Court today set aside a government order relating to promotion of employees belonging to Schedule Castes and Schedule Tribes in government jobs.

Justice V Nath pronounced the judgement on the writ petition of one Sushil Kuar Singh.

Justice Nath quashed the order of 2014 after finding that it was not in conformity with a Supreme Court judgement in M Nagaraj case in 2006.

The 2006 order of the apex court had defined condition for providing reservation in promotion in government jobs on caste line.

The government order of December 21, 2014 had stated reservation with consequential seniority in promotion to SC & ST employees.


Punjab government: New guidelines for two-year extension in service after 58 years

Punjab government: New guidelines for two-year extension in service after 58 years

Chandigarh: Punjab government today issued fresh set of guidelines for two-year extension in service to employees after the age of superannuation.

According to norm, the date of superannuation of a Punjab government employee other than a Class IV government employee, is the date on which he attains the age of 58 years.

These new instructions have been issued superseding the earlier guidelines issued in October 2014 and January 2015, an official spokesperson of the Finance Department said.

According to the new guidelines, extension in the service would be denied to those employees who have been either chargesheeted or a decision has been taken to chargesheet them under rule 8 of Punjab Civil Services (Punishment & Appeal) Act, 1970.

Employees, who may have been awarded major penalty that still hold impact on the day of their retirement or awarded major penalty three years before their retirement or against whom competent authority has given permission to prosecute them in criminal case, would also be denied extension, the spokesperson said.
He said all such officers would be ineligible for extension after the age of 58 years.

As per the new guidelines such officers/officials who have already got extension and serving in the first or second year of extension and who are under the above mentioned disqualifications, the cases of such employees would be reconsidered and if found guilty, the grant of extension in service would be nullified.
It has also been clarified that if the request of the officers/officials has been rejected for extension on the ground of administrative and criminal case pending against them at the time of retirement, if such employees have been exonerated at later stage, their extension in service cases would not be reconsidered, he said.

The spokesperson further said if any officer/official committed grave misconduct during extension or received notice for the misconduct committed by him in past, the benefit of extension in service to such employees could be denied without serving any notice, he added.

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